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Another AutoTitle

What kind of excerpts should be set as titles?



Only needs to meet one of the presets to automatically turn it into a title

  1. Word Count: This is the easiest criterion to think of. When you have only two words in an excerpt, you naturally want to use this excerpt as a title. As long as it does not exceed the set number of words, it will automatically be turned into a title. If there are numbers or words in a Chinese sentence, they are not counted separately. A word or number will also occupy a Chinese character-like word count.
    • Chinese-character-like word count: Anything that is not made up of letters is Chinese.
    • English-word-like word count: That is, the number of words. Here I consider the Arabic number as a word as well.
  2. Not Contain Dot Symbols: Dot symbols are 。.、??!!,,;;::. If there is no punctuation mark indicating a pause, the excerpt is highly likely to be converted into a title.


Use regular expressions to determine if the excerpted text meets the requirements, and turn it into a title if it does.


For example, if you want the excerpt to be automatically converted to a title if it is in full Chinese with no punctuation and contains no more than 10 characters, you can write /^[\u4e00-\u9fa5]{0,10}$/.

Released under the MIT License.