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Replace() Method

In order to make OhMyMN more free and powerful, many customizations in OhMyMN use replace() method as drivers. This allows you to do almost anything with the excerpt text, but to avoid more of the ambiguity of crashing the plugin, OhMyMN restricts functions as arguments and supports only regular expressions.


Replace() method is used to replace the matched content with the given string, and then return all the replaced content.

Input format

(/regex/, "newSubStr")
(/regex/, "newSubStr")
  • regex is Regular Expression, used to match content which you want.
  • newSubStr is a norma string, used to replace matched content.

In the newSubStr, you can use some variables to refer to the matched content or other content.

  1. $& matched substring.
  2. $` the portion of the string that precedes the matched substring.
  3. $' the portion of the string that follows the matched substrng.
  4. $n the nth (1-indexed) capturing group where n is a positive integer less than 100.
  5. In the OhMyMN v4, templates variables are also available in some cases, click to view Template Syntax


All extraction operations in OhMyMN return newSubStr directly as a value. This is equivalent to returning newSubStr whenever a regular match is found, and using the capture group, you can also capture it and return it. To achieve this effect, you need to use the match() method. Of course, you don't need to know this. Just use the same syntax as for the previous substitution, except that newSubStr will be returned at the end instead of the whole replaced string.

Released under the MIT License.