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When excerpting lists, multiple choice questions, etc., it is often necessary to make separate line breaks, which is not possible with OCR.


Three presets are provided. Each preset includes customizations that must match two serial numbers before they are executed.

(/\s*([A-Za-z][.、,,])/g, "\n$1")

  • Letter ABCD, including abcd
    • Valid when the letter is followed by .、,, and only in Chinese

(/\s*([其第]?[一二三四五六七八九十]{1,2}[.、,,])|\s*([其第][一二三四五六七八九十]{1,2}是?[.、,,]?)/g, "\n$1$2")

  • "一二三四". Such a complex regexl is to avoid interfering with the normal excerpting as much as possible.
    • Valid when "一二三四" is precede by 其|第.
    • Valid when "一二三四" is followed by .、,,.


  • 1234
    • (1) (1) [1] 【1】are valid.
    • 1 .、,, are valid.


Add \n before or after the matched string, which is the EOL character.

To add a number to each line, the third parameter of the replace function, fnKey, is used here. The numbering is distinguished by setting a different number for it.

fnKeyNumbered List Type
11. 2. 3.
2A. B. C.
3a. b. c.
6① ② ③
7❶ ❷ ❸


  • (/[;;]/, "$&\n", 1)
    • Denotes line break after ; or , and number each line with 1. 2. 3.

MarginNote for Card

Add Line Break

Same as customization.

Released under the MIT License.